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Notice: if Google Play tells you the download cannot be found or that your device is incompatible, make sure to check the devices page before asking why!

Please read the rest of this page before installing DSLR Controller. You will have questions otherwise.

Open the Google Play website

Open the Google Play application

We do not currently offer purchasing through PayPal.

There is also a free compatibility test app called Remote Release available on the Android Market.


Install the application on your device, then connect your camera. A popup should ask you if you want to open DSLR Controller. If you confirm, the application will start and connect to your camera.

If you have any questions, be sure to check out the discussion thread on the forum.


You can tap anything on screen that looks like a button to switch that option or bring up the configuration dialog for that option. If an option is not available, it will not look like a button.

Additionally, after you have used an option, or you tap-and-hold instead of just tap an option, it will become highlighted. The highlighted option is configurable using the volume up and volume down buttons.

Auto focus is done when you tap the liveview image, if auto focus is supported on your camera model and the current camera mode. If you see AF in the top-left corner of the screen, auto focus is supported. If you see R-MF only incremental focusing may be supporting using the arrow buttons. If your lens is set to MF, focusing will not work at all. Tapping the liveview image again during auto focus will cancel the auto focus. Tapping the liveview image is comparable to half-pressing and half-releasing the shutter button on your camera.

When the camera is focused using auto focus, you will enter focus mode. This disables all buttons aside from the shutter button. Changing any options is not possible in this mode. Using the shutter button however will skip automatic refocusing of the image. Tap the liveview image to exit focus mode.

The shutter button in the application works the same as the shutter button on your camera, though you should treat the button in the application as only doing full-presses, not half-presses. Exact behavior depends on the current mode:

Shooting ModeAF ModeFocus ModeAction
Single shootingAF or AF-SNot focusedAuto focus, take picture
Single shootingAF or AF-SFocusedTake picture
Single shootingR-MF or MF-Take picture
Continuous shooting
Bulb shooting
AF or AF-SNot focusedFirst press: auto focus, start shooting
Second press: stop shooting
Continuous shooting
Bulb shooting
AF or AF-SFocusedFirst press: start shooting
Second press: stop shooting
Continuous shooting
Bulb shooting
R-MF or MF-First press: start shooting
Second press: stop shooting

Depending on the current focus mode, you can also move around the zoom area (and focus area, depending on mode). To do this, tap-and-hold on the liveview image. The rectangle will turn blue, and center around your finger. While it remains blue, in 1x zoom mode you can drag it around the screen. In 5x and 10x zoom mode, dragging is not supported, it will only center around your finger when you first tap-and-hold.


DSLR Controller is no longer in BETA, but it still has a number of issues and missing features. We are working hard to resolve these problems. It is important you read the following:

Starting the application by itself usually does nothing (unless the camera is already connected and not in sleep mode). You should start the application through the popup when you connect the camera to your Android device. If your camera is already connected but in sleep mode, half-pressing the shutter button on the camera itself wakes up the camera and will trigger the popup.

The exception is when you are using a device that requires root for DSLR Controller to work, and doesn't work without root. In that case, you should connect your camera, either turn it on or half-press the shutter button, then tap the DSLR Controller icon to start it.

When DSLR Controller is running either in the foreground or in the background, there will be a camera icon in the notification bar. It should automatically disappear after a few seconds if you exit the application. Please note that whenever the notification icon is visible, DSLR Controller is running and drawing power. If you are no longer running DSLR Controller but the icon remains for more than 15 seconds, there has probably been an internal crash or communication error.

When the notification icon remains, you have received a communication error popup, or the app is frozen, perform the following steps:

As long as the icon is visible, DSLR Controller is running and drawing power !

2017.08.17 - v1.06
  • Fixed: Crash when starting MX Player video playback
2017.08.02 - v1.05
  • Release notes on Google+
  • Modified: Copyright (c) 2017
  • Added: Night/astronomer mode
  • Added: Notice for disabled shuttercounter (5DmkIV and newer?)
  • Added: BT.601 to BT.709 conversion
  • Improved: Performance when cancelling high speed continuous shooting
  • Modified: Adjusted communication error message to include the suggestion to clear all camera settings
  • Fixed: 5DmkIV USB connection issue with some chipsets (Android bug?)
  • Fixed: 5DmkIV occasional crash when switching between movie and still mode
  • Fixed: 5DmkIV occasional black screen on startup (USB)
  • Fixed: 5DmkIV camera serial number readout
  • Fixed: Capture timer no longer displayed during continuous shooting
  • Fixed: Level circle sometimes no longer drawn filled on some devices while recording
2016.11.08 - v1.02
  • Release notes on Google+
  • Added: Flash firing control (long press to popup)
  • Improved: Establishing Wi-Fi connection on some devices
  • Fixed: Errors while focus bracketing on new cameras
  • Fixed: Fast-capture error in some cases
  • Fixed: Move-focus error in some cases
2016.10.21 - v1.01
  • Fixed: Crash on USB connection if Wi-Fi disabled
2016.10.20 - v1.00
  • Release notes on Google+
  • Added: NFC connection initiation support
  • Added: Liveview resolution selection over USB on newer cameras
  • Added: Continuous AF and Movie Servo AF support (sensitivity not configurable remotely)
  • Added: New video formats support (HDR, 24p, HFR settings not configurable remotely)
  • Added: Additional 5DmkIV, 5DS(R), 80D, M3 (not supported yet) related values and logic
  • Added: Additional connection failure information dialogs
  • Modified: Copyright (C) 2016
  • Modified: Metering mode also available in liveview mode (new cameras support this)
  • Fixed: Wi-Fi connection with newer cameras
  • Fixed: Embedded XMP tag reading causing crash
  • Fixed: Setting Auto-Lighting Optimizer on some cameras
  • Fixed: Setting AEB on some cameras
  • Fixed: Setting Flash (built-in) Exposure Compensation on some cameras
  • Fixed: Android 7.0: USB permission
  • Fixed: Android 7.0: JPEG decoding library
  • Removed: BETA naming
2014.11.04 - v0.99.6 BETA
  • Fixed: Android 5.0 compatibility
  • Added: xhdpi icons
2014.07.09 - v0.99.5 BETA
  • MR3040: Fixed a number of connection issues
  • Added: Capture and delayed capture via Android Wear
  • Added: TDLS support for Android 4.4+
  • Added: White notification icons for Android 4.4+
  • Added: Delayed start for timelapse
  • Modified: Tapping outside of various dialogs no longer dismisses them
  • Modified: Timelapse now has interactive features
  • Fixed: Freeze issue when deleting multiple files
  • Fixed: External sdcard support on Android 4.4+
  • Fixed: A few dozen reported crashes
2013.12.20 - v0.99.4 BETA
  • MR3040: Issue with HDR/AEB fixed. Download and install latest firmware from our website
  • MR3040: Fixed not being found by some devices
  • Fixed: Support for StickMount'd USB drives on 4.2+
  • Fixed: Video timecode display text corruption
  • Fixed: Images not showing up in gallery on some device (disable and re-enable option to fix)
  • Image review: No longer showing old image after delete all
  • Image review: Auto-advance to new image if no image selected (JPG)
  • Image review: Auto-advance to new image if top image selected (JPG)
  • Image review: Add swiping to navigate to prev/next image (if fully zoomed out)
2013.10.25 - v0.99.3 BETA
  • Added: Support for Wi-Fi connections using the 'smartphone' protocol
  • Added: 70D specific support
  • Modified: Completely redone AF-related code to fix issues with newer cameras
  • Modified: Quick mode now shows all focus points
  • Modified: Tap-and-hold on "Live" or "Zone" resets/recenters focus area
  • Modified: Image review on high memory devices: image no longer blanked when loading new image
  • Modified: MX Player is no longer forced S/W mode. To always use H/W: change "network" decoder setting in MX Player
  • Fixed: Fullscreen follow-shot no longer shows image info
  • Fixed: Timed bulb shot >30 seconds now works over Wi-Fi
2013.07.12 - v0.99.1 BETA
  • Fixed: Crash on app startup on Tegra2-based devices
2013.07.11 - v0.99.0 BETA
  • Added: X86 and MIPS support (in theory)
  • Added: Video playback support - requires MX Player - performance varies
  • Added: in Quick AF mode, moving the zoom area now changes AF point or zone
  • Modified: Capture timer delay changed from 4 to 7 seconds
  • Modified: FPS and latency improvement
  • Modified: Filters further optimized and now fully multi-threaded
  • Modified: Handcrafted NEON optimizations (Quality mode only)
  • Modified: Replaced Peaking/White filter with Peaking+Exposure+Grayscale filter (experiment)
  • Modified: Changed from ProGuard to DexGuard protection
  • Modified: Reduced service shutdown time
  • Modified: Performance vs Quality mode message. Re-evaluate which one you want to use!
  • Fixed: VxWorks devices do not support saving to Android device - function disabled
  • Fixed: VxWorks capture button works again
  • Fixed: T3 aspect ratio adjusted when recording video
  • Fixed: Screen no longer empty when changing viewing location in DSLR Gallery
  • Fixed: A freeze in the JPEG decoder has been fixed
  • Fixed: Camera's with multiple cards are no longer forced to SD
  • Fixed: Multi-card cameras using only a CF card no longer have an 8 second startup delay
  • Fixed: Issue with detecting client disconnection in Wi-Fi Passthrough
2013.07.11 - Wi-Fi Stick v1.03
  • Fixed issue with detecting client disconnection
  • Due to date instability on these sticks, evaluation usage is limited to 21 uses OR 7 days
2013.07.10 - Wi-Fi Stick v1.00
  • Initial release
2013.05.01 - v0.98.3 BETA
  • Fixed: Connection/startup issue with older models like the 30D and 1Dm3
  • Fixed: Deleting and transferring images no longer stops when clicking outside the dialog
2013.04.25 - v0.98.0 BETA
  • Added: Option to adjust focus pull step delay
  • Added: Camera info shows real serial number (after reviewing an image)
  • Modified: USB host support detection
  • Modified: Slight (3-6 ms) liveview latency reduction for all devices
  • Modified: Much faster on >720p devices like the Nexus 10 due to hardware scaling
  • Modified: Stops capturing/recording when available space reaches 0 (counter now red)
  • Fixed: Storage location detection skipping or doubling some entries
  • Fixed: Wi-Fi Passthrough mode not detecting server device on some Android versions
  • Fixed: Focus bracketing HDR mode not changing focus
  • Fixed: Startup crashes on API level 7 and 8 devices
  • Fixed: Random settings change delays
  • Fixed: Histogram sometimes being empty in image review
2013.04.18 - v0.97.0 BETA
  • Added: Compatibility with 6D and WFT over Wi-Fi (EOS Utility (computer) mode, *not* smartphone/tablet mode)
  • Added: Save images when shot on camera, both on camera and Android, or jpeg on both/raw on camera
  • Added: (offline) "DSLR Gallery" icon to view images saved to device
  • Added: Share image function (JPG only)
  • Added: Delete multiple (or all) images
  • Added: Selective image transfer
  • Added: Image cache
  • Added: Anamorphic 1.3x, 1.5x and 2.0x desqueeze functions (under grid)
  • Added: Camera info (such as version, serial, shutter count)
  • Added: Long exposure time display
  • Added: Video recording time display
  • Added: Time sync
  • Modified: Liveview latency reduced by 30-60%
  • Modified: Slight FPS improvement
  • Modified: Up to 40% CPU usage reduction
  • Modified: Liveview face detection now supports multiple faces, tap-and-hold to select
  • Modified: Significantly reduced JPEG decoding time when viewing on-camera images
  • Modified: Wi-Fi Passthrough Mode completely rewritten (using standard protocols) (BETA)
  • Modified: Mirror LockUp now fully supported (no longer experimental)
  • Modified: Set A-B focus position is now toggled white/green and lower/uppercase
  • Modified: Improved file transfer speed
  • Modified: Exposure display filter is now zebra-style
  • Fixed: No longer get stuck on MF, when switching lens AF->MF->AF
  • Fixed: Various stability issues
  • Fixed: License checking problem causing memory leak
2012.09.27 - v0.96.0 BETA
  • Added: Wi-Fi Passthrough Mode
  • Fixed: Images sometimes not being shown in image review
2012.09.16 - v0.95.2 BETA
  • Fixed: Focus bracketing on 7" devices crashing
  • Fixed: Crash on startup on some devices
2012.09.14 - v0.95.1 BETA
  • Added: Strobe recharge delay, affects HDR/AEB/Focus/TimeLapse
  • Added: HDR support for focus bracketing
  • Fixed: Layout for various 7" devices (again)
  • Fixed: Layout for various 10" devices
  • Fixed: Rooted library disabled in JB
2012.09.01 - v0.95.0 BETA
  • Added: Follow shot - Gallery mode
  • Fixed: Layout for various 7" devices
  • Fixed: Jelly Bean liveview corruption
  • Fixed: (internal rewrite, no public functionality yet) multi-camera support
  • Fixed: Crash on image delete
  • Fixed: Continuous Silent mode
  • Fixed: Timelapse in manual focus mode
  • Fixed: Various minor layout issues
  • Fixed: Several NPE and ANR issues
2012.04.29 - v0.94.1 BETA
  • Fixed: 1D(s) image format display
  • Fixed: 5 second capture delay on some models in AF mode
2012.04.24 - v0.94 BETA
  • Added: Horizontal/vertical level grid (if supported by device)
  • Modified: Massive changes to lightmetering feedback (some devices)
  • Modified: Disabled "focus mode" during recording
  • Modified: Cancel "focus mode" when starting other functions
  • Modified: Disabled zoom button when recording
  • Modified: Stop recording on exit
  • Modified: Disable recording if liveview is off
  • Modified: Minor timelapse speedup
  • Fixed: Delete video from image review
2012.04.13 - v0.93 BETA
  • Added: More lightmeter feedback code
  • Fixed: 550D always focusing in video mode
  • Fixed: 5D Mark III focus handler
  • Fixed: Capture and record buttons no longer respond when disabled
  • Fixed: Pressing record now cancels autofocus
  • Fixed: Threading exception
2012.04.12 - v0.92 BETA
  • Added: 30fps liveview decoding support for 5D Mark III & 1D X
  • Added: Configurable framelimit (15, 24, 30 fps)
  • Added: Audio level display (if supported by camera)
  • Added: Focus follow / pull (in R-MF mode) !*READ*HOW-TO*!
  • Added: If focus preset A or B set, Focus Bracketing will offer to use those presets
  • Added: Tap-and-hold aperture button for DoF preview
  • Added: Lightmeter feedback (select models, 5D Mark III), during focus
  • Added: Liveview and review mirroring (x, y, x+y)
  • Added: Followshot timeout (blank)
  • Added: Fullscreen liveview and fullscreen followshot dim status bar
  • Modified: White balance and color temperature have been combined into a single setting
  • Modified: Moved auto-lighting optimizer location
  • Modified: Manual focus adjustments now only in R-MF mode
  • Modified: R-MF: Tapping screen no longer starts/stops autofocus
  • Modified: R-MF: Selecting or holding AF mode now starts/stops autofocus
  • Modified: Histogram now moves position based on R-MF controls
  • Modified: Same filename in different folders no longer group together in image review
  • Modified: 5D Mark III auto-focus handling
  • Modified: Performance/Quality option
  • Modified: Re-ordering of settings
  • Modified: Reduced liveview flicker
2012.04.04 - v0.91 BETA
  • Added: Videos are now listed in image review (no playback yet)
  • Added: S1, S2, and S3 image quality setting support
  • Added: ALL-I and IPB video quality setting support
  • Added: Image quality setting now sets to all cards
  • Added: ISO 16000, 20000, 51200 and 102400
  • Added: Auto picture style
  • Added: Auto+ exposure mode
  • Added: Single silent shooting and continuous silent shooting drive modes
  • Added: Exposure compensation/bracketing 5 and 7 shot support (not 2 shot)
  • Added: 5D Mark III histogram decoding
  • Added: 5D Mark III zoom position/size decoding
  • Added: 5D Mark III mirror lockup detection/warning
  • Modified: metering mode only visible when liveview is off, changed position
  • Modified: Auto lighting optimizer disabled for 5D Mark III (firmware issue ?)
  • Fixed: Property set delay (bracketing)
2012.03.22 - v0.90 BETA
  • Fixed: Lingering thread issue *CRITICAL*
2012.03.21 - v0.89 BETA
  • Added: All rendering functions now support 16-bit
  • Added: Performance/Quality preference
  • Added: Image format and quality setting
  • Added: Video format and quality setting
  • Added: Silent shooting support
  • Added: Bulb support for Timelapse
  • Modified: Switched delete and info button positions in image review
  • Modified: Reduced CPU usage when screen off
  • Fixed: CR2 EXIF display on high memory devices
  • Fixed: Menu button display on ICS
  • Fixed: Delete and info buttons no longer flash on image load
  • Fixed: Exit on screen-off
  • Fixed: Multithreading issues
2012.02.07 - v0.88 BETA
  • Added: DoF button in timelapse setup
  • Added: Lens in MF mode + tap liveview = start metering
  • Added: Focus Bracketing: Step-Size
  • Added: Focus Bracketing: Step +- 10 buttons
  • Added: Followshot info mode
  • Fixed: HDR "drift" over several captures
  • Fixed: Moving zoom area should now work on VxWorks models
  • Fixed: Several UI lock issues
  • Fixed: Tablet layout for timelapse
2012.01.25 - v0.86 BETA
  • Added: Focus bracketing [WIP]
  • Added: Timelapse [WIP]
  • Modified: Capture wakelocks now partial
  • Fixed: AF button state (again)
  • Fixed: HDR/Shutterspeed not available in Tv mode
  • Fixed: HDR/Aperture not available in Av mode
  • Fixed: HDR/Message if ISO set to auto
  • Fixed: Added ISO 8000 and 10000 values
  • Fixed: Service not quitting after using HDR
2012.01.23 - v0.85 BETA
  • Added: Exit confirmation dialog
  • Modified: HDR core code completely rewritten
    • Capture turns off liveview
    • No longer automatically returns to liveview
    • Faster capture (breaks MLU support)
    • Added Aperture bracketing
    • Added ISO bracketing
    • Added Bulb bracketing
  • Modified: Expanded AF points for 1D X
  • Modified: Slight speedup
  • Modified: Camera not found message
  • Modified: Startup error messages (stronger wording)
  • Fixed: Bulb shooting on 1DsmkIII
  • Fixed: Bulb time display
  • Fixed: Minor UI issues
  • Fixed: Android 2.3.1 crashes
  • Fixed: Rooted timing issue
  • Fixed: LVL freeze
  • Fixed: AF button state
2011.12.27 - v0.83 BETA
  • Added: Display filter: Exposure
  • Added: Quick review time
  • Added: Histogram, exposure, and EXIF to image review
  • Added: HDR/M mode
  • Added: HDR limit markers
  • Modified: Delayed liveview shutoff during image review
  • Modified: Grid is now a popup selector
  • Modified: Tapping next to the popup dismisses
  • Modified: Memory detection
  • Modified: Render thread count selection
  • Fixed: Grid is now displayed in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed: Histogram mode is now remembered
  • Fixed: Colors during video recording (some models)
  • Fixed: Liveview performance stabalization
2011.12.14 - v0.80 BETA
  • Added: Fullscreen liveview option
  • Added: Keyguard dismiss/disable
  • Added: Dedicated image review button
  • Added: Basic Mirror Lockup support (2000ms auto-release)
  • Fixed: Image freeze (internal thread deadlock)
  • Fixed: Crash when saved HDR settings do not match camera model
  • Fixed: Infinite permission loop
  • Fixed: Standard theme per Android API level
  • Fixed: AF/MF button wrong state
  • Fixed: R-MF controls visible in MF mode
  • Fixed: Video button display
  • Fixed: timing issues (1DmkIV)
2011.12.06 - v0.77 BETA
  • Added: Basic HDR (ExpComp/EV based)
  • Modified: Exposure compensation swipes are now relative
  • Modified: Grid mode is now remembered
  • Fixed: Disappearing video button
  • Fixed: >32 point AF crash
  • Fixed: Quick review time reset
2011.12.01 - v0.75 BETA
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 compatibility (hopefully)
  • Compatibility: USB host API libraries for rooted Android 2.3.1+ devices with kernel USB host support
  • Fixed: Permission-based startup
  • Added: "Remote Release" app for compatibility testing
  • Added: Video recording button (further video support not yet done)
  • Modified: Automatic feature/performance vs memory use adjustments based on device memory class
  • Modified: Further memory use optimizations and low-memory testing (48m, 64m)
  • Modified: Image transfer now uses disk buffers on low-memory devices
  • Modified: LiveView uses only a single thread for decoding on low-memory devices
  • Modified: Heavy refactoring
  • Modified: Service no longer sticky
2011.10.24 - v0.72 BETA
  • Fixed: Possible null pointer exception in thumbnail load (image review)
  • Reduced: Memory use during image transfer significantly. May fix some out of memory errors.
2011.10.23 - v0.71 BETA
  • Disabled: Excessive debug logging
2011.10.22 - v0.70 BETA
  • Fixed: Some threading issues
  • Fixed: Many small bug fixes
  • Fixed: Reduced busy delay time
  • Added: Image review
  • Added: Image review + follow shot
  • Added: 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1 overlays to grid mode
  • Added: Image filters: peaking, contrast, channel mask, grayscale; 4 different modes per filter
  • Added: Basic support for liveview during video recording
  • Added: Configuration and various settings
  • Added: Timed bulb shooting
  • Added: Warnings for problematic DSLR settings
  • Fixed: Faulty focus rectangle position
2011.08.16 - v0.66 BETA
  • Fixed: 10x zoom + move area == crash
  • Fixed: Exposure compensation screen crash
  • Fixed: Exposure mode change crash
  • Fixed: Empty value selectors
  • Fixed: Kelvin == 0
  • Fixed: Various multithreading issues
  • Added: Automatic internal enable liveview
  • Added: LiveView, AutoFocus, RemoteRelease capability detection + fallbacks
  • Modified: Option display
  • Modified: Shutter button, hold --> on/off, for Bulb and Continuous shooting
  • Added: LiveView on/off button
  • Modified: Focus area static while focused
  • Compatiblity: Much improved for 1D(s) Mark III / 40D / 400D / 450D / 1000D
2011.08.12 - v0.60 BETA
  • Fixed: Optimized memory use
  • Modified: LiveView performance improvements
  • Modified: USB transfer speed improvements
  • Modified: (Communication) Error handling improvements
  • Modified: Slight adjustments to user interface
  • Modified: More command codes handled
  • Modified: Changed focus display and state (blue for move, white for area, red for fail, green for focus)
  • Modified: Improved grid display
  • Added: Focus points in Quick focus mode
  • Modified: Redone UI state control
  • Fixed: (One of the ?) Freeze issues
  • Modified: Remote manual focus function